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I met Maj Ragain (1940-2018) during a magical summer at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA. We were both resident fellows, each fulfilling a dream of creating our art warmed by Cape Cod's ocean breezes and sunlight. Maj read his poem, "The Summer We Yearned For Comes" and the next day, I painted,"Sweet Sweat, a portrait of Luanne, his wife. From then on we talked, observed and made work, a call and response, which mutually challenged and encouraged our art. Four years later, we created a collaborative exhibition, "Vision to Verse-Verse to Vision". And in 2018, our last exhibition, "Home To Sargasso Sea“ culminated nearly two decades of our long, loving call and response. Maj and I would still be encouraging each other, if not, for Maj's death in the spring of 2018.

Lalla Finds Her Wings
oil on canvas
88 x 36 x 3"
rock climber hanging, strong impasto strokes, magical environment
oil on canvas
88 x 36"
child stares at the viewer and man stares at the child
oil on linen
36.75 x 21
jungle scene with young children
oil on canvas
54 x 58"
All Fall Down : Maj Ragain poem
Poem by Maj Ragain
Children posed
oil on canvas
48 x 62"
Child points to an adolescent boy. Tigers, snakes,monkeys and angels
oil on canvas
50 x 32"