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Child points to an adolescent boy. Tigers, snakes,monkeys and angels
Little Tyger Burning Bright
oil on canvas
50 x 32"

A poem by Maj Ragain
Little Tyger Burning Bright/To a New Grandson/Nov. 3,1995

Response Painting to Little Tyger Burning Bright

Welcome, Liam Michael Ragain,
little bloodied Silverado thanksgiver.
Carry these wishes from me.
May you wrestle your angel and lose.
May you find the daring not to be first.
May you find monkey business
to do all your life.
May you learn to make breakfast of ash.
May you play the spoons you find on your table.
May you stay wet.
May you cultivate secret virtue.
May you grow tough and mystical.
May you cross that black forked river.
May you find a life hard enough
to sharpen yourself against.

- Maj Ragain