Jessica Damen Fine Art

Jessica Damen, dubbed the “Lewis Carroll of Baltimore” by renowned artist, Grace Hartigan, is known for her narrative, oil and ink brush paintings. Inspired by myth, fairytale, verse and the mythic in contemporary events, her paintings were described by Glenn McNatt, Baltimore Sun Art Critic, as “...surreal, sometimes nightmarish scenes of childhood anxiety that seem to hover just outside the neat categories of fantasy, expressionism or realistic depiction.”(Baltimore Sun). Damen has had regular solo exhibitions at commercial and alternative galleries throughout the Washington DC – Baltimore Metropolitan region. Her paintings have been selected for invitational shows at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art (DCCA) and the Maryland Art Place (MAP) and she was one of five artists included in MAP’s exhibition, “Athena’s Daughters” curated by Grace Hartigan.

“Ariadne’s Triumph”, oil on linen, 21.5x29", 2016 is my latest painting from the "The Other Story" series. Here Adriane, the heroine is completing her quest by killing the Minotaur. The painting field is layered and muted and within the field are the personages of Ariadne: wrestlers, brave and enduring, triumphant women.