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Artemis:Slayer of Methane Monsters, Protector of Life
Chinese ink, watercolor, arylic on Japanese paper, archer wood bow, fishing line
84X40"(each side of image) bow and fishing line variable

Artemis, Slayer of Methane Monsters, Protector of Life is my latest double-sided scroll. Originally influenced by Oriental scroll paintings, I have modified this presentation such that this double-sided scroll bridges the boundary between painting and sculpture. My double-sided scroll creates an image, which can move in space and is affected by changing light. Side A, imagines Artemis as the archetypal strong Greek goddess. In the background is Artemis' symbol, a mother brown bear, ancestor of today's imperiled polar bears. Artemis aims her bow at Exxon, a company that has obfuscated the truth about global climate change for decades, even though their own scientist's models accurately predicted serious global climate outcomes from carbon gasses. Side B images contemporary time. The worst emitters of methane gas are labeled within a glowing globe. Young Artemis points her bow at them. The ground she stands upon is melting, just like the Arctic's permafrost. Lower still is an underlying oil refinery, which is spewing the gasses destroying our beautiful Earth.