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Protect My Oblivious Ones
Protect My Oblivious Ones
Chinese ink, watercolor on Kozo paper
38 x 25"

These honied ones are under the bear's protection. Artemis the huntress, associated with bears and stags, is also protector of innocent ones. Paula Meehan's poem The Solace of Artemis, speaks of continuity and genetic memory and destruction.
"but I,
memory keeper by trade, scan time coded in the golden hive mind
of eternity. I burn my books, I burn my whole archive:
a blaze that sears, synapses flaring cell to cell where

memory sleeps in the wax hexagonals of my doomed and melting comb.
I see him loping towards me across the vast ice field
to where I wait in the cave mouth, dreaming my cubs about the den,
my honied ones, smelling of snow and sweet oblivion."