Portfolio > Magical Realism:Oils

oil on canvas
32" x 71"

Pictured here are two intimates, a digital camera in the girl’s hand. They have photographed each other and their intimacy is mediated by their focus upon the camera’s viewfinder. Like a contemporary Narcissus they have fallen in love with the camera’s reflected image. Will they be frozen for eternity with their self-gaze or will their eyes meet and see the other as another? The painting was first seen in No Face Dolls in 2006, accepted into 2008 Mythological Renderings, Nationally Juried Show, Brickbottom Artists Association, Somerville, MA. Juror: George Shackelford Curator of Modern Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA and then re-worked in 2013 and shown at %The Body Beautiful."