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Archival digital print, Giclée, magical realism, retold Greek myth, rape
Leda and the Angry Swan
Archival Digital print
26 x 18.5 (image) 30 x 24(framed)

Image size is 26 high by 18.5 inches wide with 30 x 24 inch paper.
Inside a white frame. Pre and post Holiday promotional price is $385. With holiday promotion discount it's $346.50

The large painting "Leda and the Angry Swan" was first shown during MAP’s 2003 exhibition entitled, Grace Hartigan’s Choice: Athena’s Daughters. Since then, I have frequently returned to the ancient Greek myth of Leda’s rape. The myth serves as a vehicle for delving into the parallels between historical interpretations and contemporary discourse.

The theme of Leda’s rape, by Zeus disguised as a swan, has been a favorite artistic subject for thousand of years. Representations in sculpture, painting and drawing have dramatically changed over time, reflecting prevailing patriarchal attitudes and beliefs regarding rape.