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Archival digital print, Giclée, bedtime substraction song, childhood memory
Roll Over, Roll Over and Then There Was One
Archival Digital print
11 x 14 inches

Image size 6 x 7 inches on 11 x 14 inch paper.
Pre and post Holiday promotional price is $145.00

The painting references a circa1946 photograph, a photo I found after my parents died. An envelope was labeled, Cynthia and inside was a treasure trove of photos I had never seen before of the sister, Cynthia, who had died before I was born.
Pictured in the photo is bedtime scene of the two siblings. But I imagined them enclosed within a book with a door that opens to the older sister's painful future. The girl inside the receding space was once a smiling girl. Her life was inextricably changed when her younger, sicker sister died of pneumonia.