Portfolio > Seeing From Both Side Scrolls: Seer : Now Is the Time We Have Denied

“Seeing from Both Sides: Scrolls” %Seer:Now Is the Time We Have Denied%is a variation on traditional Asian scrolls. Here there are fully realized paintings are glued together. Because the papers are transparent the images of one painting can be viewed from the other side. Planning is exact so that figures, forms, shapes and colors interplay and the relationships of one to the other are relevant. The Seer painting has the two-sided painting suspended from a antique drainage pipe, reminding the viewer of the pollution flushed into our waterways. The scroll is hung from the ceiling with fishing line and hooks. It moves with breeze and changes with light creating a dynamic dimension image.

two side transparent scroll, climate change, envirnomental commentary
Seer:Now Is the Time We Have Denied:installed side A view
mixed media, Japanese paper, scroll
71 x 20"