Portfolio > Seeing From Both Side Scrolls: Seer : Now Is the Time We Have Denied

two side transparent scroll, climate change, envirnomental commentary
Now Is the Time We Have Denied: Heat Leave Ranchers Few Choices
mixed media, Japanese paper, scroll
71 x 20"

The summers have been brutally hot and trending hotter. I added this NYT headline describing how because of the Heat Ranchers were faced with harsh choices, sell off their cattle cheaply, cull their herds or let them die. There is a relationship between “cryoconite, a powdery debris blown to Greenland from distant deserts, fires, coal plants and diesel engines (causing) reduced reflectivity effect of snow increasing solar heat, (it) accelerate(s) the melting of ice and raising sea levels.” and extreme weather patterns. The newspaper clippings are like signposts visible and yet, easily ignored.